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Celebrities Who Own Franchises [2024]

The number of celebrities who own franchises has grown considerably in recent years. Whilst many find careers in the entertainment industry sufficient, those who are more business oriented look to expand beyond their celebrity status. This is done by way of franchise ownership, in some cases.

In this article, we are going to delve into the world of celebrity owned franchises. Our list consists of popular individuals from the UK and the US who have found success in the franchise world.

We are also offering an insight into why they choose this path, the impact they have on the businesses they own and, perhaps, a blueprint for you to follow.

Firstly, Why Do Celebrities Own Franchises?

At this point, you may be wondering: 'why do celebrities own franchises?'. We get it.

Understanding why celebrities own franchises is important, especially for those with a keen interest in business ownership. Truthfully, celebrities are not too dissimilar to me or you. Meaning, they see inherent value in the franchise model. Just like any prospective owner, popular celebrities choose to franchise businesses because of the profitability and potential for personal fulfillment. Specifically though, celebrities tend to explore franchise ownership for the following reasons:

Diversification of Income

Although celebrities tend to achieve financial success in the entertainment industry, franchise ownership allows for a further strengthening of financial security. Franchises, as we know, offer a reliable and proven business model that can generate substantial returns. Like any of us, celebrities want to diversify and secure their future by creating more than one income stream.

Passion for Business

Simply put, some people in the entertainment world have passions and interests which extend beyond their primary careers. Franchise ownership offers business savvy celebrities the opportunity to undertake new challenges with rewarding outcomes.

Long-Term Investment

For some people, it is important to build a legacy beyond their celebrity status. Not only will doing so ensure their own financial stability, but it ensures future generations are supported.

Celebrity Owned Franchises: Updated For 2024

1. LeBron James - Blaze Pizza

Basketball legend LeBron James is not known solely for his skills on the court as he also owns numerous Blaze Pizza franchises. James' involvement in the business has helped to boost the company's popularity considerably. Now, Blaze Pizza stands as one of the fastest-growing franchises in the US. His commitment to providing quality and innovative food options, as well as his entrepreneurial spirit and drive, has set a high standard for the company.

2. Shaquille O'Neal - Auntie Anne's

Although former NBA giant Shaquille O'Neal no longer owns any of the franchises, he is well known for his past involvement in the bakery company Auntie Anne's. Owning as many as 17 stores at one point, Shaq's involvement with the brand added serious weight to their popularity and marketability. Known for his charismatic personality and genuine love of their products, Shaq was a successful franchisee who attracted fans and customers alike.

3. Mark Wahlberg - Wahlburgers

Many people know Mark Wahlberg for his awesome work in Hollywood but what they may not know, however, is that he is heavily involved in the burger franchise Wahlburgers. This burger joint franchise has expanded rapidly, offering a taste of the Wahlberg family's culinary expertise, mainly, through the work of chef and brother Paul Wahlberg.

Mark's celebrity status has undoubtedly contributed to its popularity. Aside from being a popular face however, he is actively involved in the management and promotion of franchise businesses.

4. Rick Ross - Checkers & Rally's

Intent on building a successful multi-brand portfolio, Hip-hop mogul Rick Ross has soared in recent years as a result of involvement in popular fast-food chain Checkers & Rally's. He is amongst many celebrities who opened fast food franchises in the last decade.

And Ross is not shy with steering the company's marketing ship either, using his influence to attract fans of both his music and the brand. He stands as a prime example of how celebrity status and franchise ownership can exist harmoniously to create something wonderful.

5. 50 Cent - Frigo RevolutionWear

Music icon and entrepreneur 50 Cent, also known as Curtis Jackson, has long been associated with the world of business. This was first demonstrated in the early 2000s through his involvement with drink brand Vitaminwater.

Now, he has ventured into the world of franchising with Frigo RevolutionWear. This high-end men's underwear brand reflects his commitment to business and portfolio expansion. Moreover, Jackson's unique approach to marketing and branding has set Frigo RevolutionWear apart in the fashion industry.

6. George Foreman - George Foreman Grill

This is not an example of a franchise, strictly speaking, but we couldn't not include this one as it's one of the most successful partnerships of all time. Former professional boxer George Foreman's name has long been synonymous with the George Foreman Grill.

Foreman's endorsement and involvement in the marketing of these grills turned them into a household name. His business mind outside the ring is impressive, and he continues to promote the brand as a healthy cooking solution.

7. Venus Williams - Jamba Juice

Tennis icon Venus Williams is no stranger to the franchise business model. She owns several Jamba Juice franchises, which highlight Williams' commitment to the promotion of healthy living.

Williams' passion for wellness aligns with the company's underlying, core values. As well as ownership, she engages in marketing initiatives to encourage her fans and patrons to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Opportunities Beyond Hollywood

Celebrities are more than just famous faces; they are also savvy entrepreneurs who are forever searching for ways to create a multi-brand portfolio and legacy. Thus, the number of celebrities who own franchises has skyrocketed in recent times. Their involvement in the world of franchise businesses not only adds a touch of star power to these brands, but it also showcases their commitment to financial security and personal fulfillment.

We hope any budding entrepreneurs reading this have now seen the potential and power of franchise ownership.

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